We analyse and assess your business and the services you supply, delivering creative solutions that are purposefully driven towards your target audience.  Design strategies that work for you and your business are used to increase your sales through the power of persuasion.


Our approach will ensure that customers associate ultimate pleasure and satisfaction from using your product or service. We have an amazing passion for human behaviour and this is where it all begins. We excel in understanding what drives people to do what they do and, in understanding this, we can begin a journey with our client. We will help you to identify your target audience and understand their needs and beliefs. By gaining information and building a picture of your client, we can develop a brand around their specific characteristics. We will then design visuals which evoke the required emotional response from your client.


mackstudios limited are a highly efficient, multi-disciplined design agency based in Worcester Park, Surrey. We offer a strategic approach to effectively advertising and branding your business in a cost effective structure.


"It's exciting to think we have a blank canvas to completely create the customer experience, we just need to know who the customer is"


Founded in 2008 by Ben Mackenzie, mackstudios limited has gone from strength to strength in developing market and growth for both small and large businesses. We help to develop solid foundations for businesses to grow. You will see results with our branding strategy, developed to send unique, attractive and relevant messages to both existing and new customers.


We pride ourselves on offering game changing, innovative solutions for design, print and web in a way that excites both our client and their end-user.




• Design

• Web development

• Corporate branding

• Advertising

• Retouching



• Copywriting

• Print management

• Exhibitions

• Large format

• Customer care

"It's exciting to think we have a blank canvas to completely create the customer experience, we just need to know who the customer is"

mackstudios was founded to initially develop the image of our clients in the health, fitness and leisure industries. With a secure understanding of the end users behaviour, we have grown considerably in this sector and a whole host of others.


We have had huge success in branding and advertising in retail, trades and the food & beverage industry. Our in-depth knowledge of human behavioural patterns gives us the edge on most design and web companies. How many designers within design companies ask you about your customers, e.g. who they are, what they want to feel, what their emotional response to the brand should be? We ask all of this before we even start on a logo and colour palette. This allows us to get a head start on increasing revenue and customer loyalty within your company and industry.